Best Weather To Trek In Nepal

Nepal is the country of wonders. The magnificent mountains, diverse culture, pleasant people and serene nature. Nepal has a lot to offer to the Hiker looking for an ethereal experience. More so, the Hiking adventurers here are unbeatable. This makes this country fit to visit throughout the year. The traveller can enjoy their adrenaline rush in any months they prefer.

Yet, Oktober still stands as the prevailing month to trek. Autumn season or fall is prevalent in September which brings the drain weather. Climeis a significant factor to keep in consideration. It can either make or break your Hiking venture. In November, it is neither warm nor chill; perfect climate for a easy trek. In this moderate climate, the environment is dry which starts clear blue skies. So, there is less possibility of rain or snow. Weather isn’t the only best thing for trekkers in September. Here are our top 5 reasons take option for Hiking in Nepal in November.


Best Weather To Trek In Nepal

In November , autumn season is in full bloom. The Condition is neither hot nor cold maintaining a moderate level. Hiking in scorching heat, continuous rainfall and heavy snowfall can be a nuisance. But in fall, the autumn breeze creates a soothing and cool environment to trek to. Humidity and uninvited rain will not be a problem. As the spring provides flowers and trees, autumn preserves it for a certain period. Then it falls to the ground creating a pathway like heaven. The monsoon takes with it humidity, rain and hot climate. With autumn, the skies start to clear out creating minimal possibility of rain. With the autumn sun, the visibility of the Himalayas is stupendous. This season guarantees less obstruction of inconvenience. Thus, Oktober is the perfect month with clear blue skies and crystal clear mountains.

Superb Views

Best Weather To Trek In Nepal
The Environmental condition plays a important role in clarity of the Himalayas. If the weather is hostile, for example heavy cloud, rainfall or snowfall, chances are low for clear view. Adventurers do not consider the weather. It is very important to know the Condition  beforehand. So, if you’re planning to trek in Nepal, Oktober is the best. The morning and evenings might get a bit cooler, but not too extreme. This cool breeze eases your way to the top. Also, as you ascend higher good weather is a boon. There will be no risks of overshadowing of the mountain views. November provides you clear views with no circumstances on the way or to the top.

Almost no schedule problem

Best Weather To Trek In Nepal
Trekking in Nepal requires a lot of pre planning and arrangements. It is a must to prepare beforehand for any unpredictable inconveniences. Trekking in the Everest region might undergo a lot of disturbances because of the Lukla flights. The weather plays an important role on deciding if the Lukla flights will go as planned. In November , extreme rainfall, snowfall, fog or other weather interferences is unlikely. As autumn is a moderate climate with clear skies, there are high chances your trek will move as planned. In Oktober , there are low chances of flight details or cancellations. The weather is unpredictable but Oktober  has a satisfactory flight schedule record.

Society Significance

Best Weather To Trek In Nepal
Autumn season brings the initiation of the festivities in Nepal. If you didn’t know, Nepal is rich in history and cultures. Over 125 ethnicities live in Nepal. Each has their own traditions and customs. Every month people celebrate new festivals. In September , you’ll be lucky to enjoy the Tihar festival which falls on the end of October. Tihar is the festival of lights. The bright candles, fairy lights, bossoms and lanterns illuminate the houses. Nepalese worship Goddess Laxmi and communities play “Deusi and Bhailo”. The big highlight is Kukur Tihar (Dog Tihar), when people thank the dogs for their loyalty. Also, in Oktober falls Chhath Parva, a festival of the Terai region. People decorate the temples and houses with lights and candles to worship the Sun.

Good Will

Best Weather To Trek In Nepal
September is one peak Hiking seasons in Nepal. People from around the globe visit Nepal to experience the adventure it serves. The Hiking destinations like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu and Langtang are buzzing with trekkers. You will meet people from several countries while ascending and descending the trail. You’ll always have someone to chat to and share your stories. In tea houses or in the routes, you’ll create beautiful Coseness with them. Also, Nepalese people are the most earnest and warm. They make you feel at home and give you the warmest welcome. You’ll make lasting bonds while Hiking in Nepal.
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